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Tainted Love
We think love rocks, literally.
Tainted Love

Rock 'n' roll romancing

We think love rocks, literally. Enjoy our cavalcade of rock 'n' roll romancers and heartbroken balladeers.
Kylie Minogue and Michael Hutchence
Minogue was his muse and Michael is said to have penned the tune 'Suicide Blonde' after she used the phrase to describe the colour of her dyed hair.

Kylie Minogue and Michael Hutchence


History lesson: In the deep dark past, before portable MP3 players, the Internet and cable TV, Kylie Minogue wasn't cool. In 1989, after two albums of corporate-driven pop, Kylie stood a good chance of being just another footnote in the world of flash-in-the-pan bubblegum music. In 1989, the gay community was not obliged to celebrate all aspects of her Kylieness, though obviously some members of the community chose to do so of their own free will. This was not the Kylie we know today.

Things began to change in 1990 with her album Rhythm of Love. With this, Kylie presented a more adult image, her new look helped by her brand spanking new relationship with INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence. Michael's wild ways were just the tonic needed to turn a cute, bubbly pop star into a more mature pop icon. Hutchence at one time listed his favourite hobby as "corrupting Kylie".

This change in Kylie's image saved her from the obscurity that plagued most of her Stock, Aiken and Waterman contemporaries. The lessons in rock stardom weren't all taught by Hutchence, though. Minogue was his muse and Michael is said to have penned the tune 'Suicide Blonde' after she used the phrase to describe the colour of her dyed hair. The couple split in 1991 after Michael began an affair with model Helena Christensen.

While Kylie has evolved into the cool multi-faceted, ever-evolving star we know today, Hutchence's story is far more tragic. The singer died, aged 37, in 1997. The official cause was listed as suicide, though some still believe his death was unintentional and accidental. Hutchence's ways ultimately proved to be self destructive but his wild streak did, in some small way, help shape and enhance a career. If only, as Kylie has shown, he'd used it in a positive fashion.

TomKate/Bragelina name: Mylie/Huchinouge

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My god I wish I had the fame and the money to date the wooman of my dreams, Kylie. Lukas

Floor twerking and spanking! Nicole Scherzinger dirty dances in racy 'Bang' music video MusicFIX Blog by Yasmin Vought Dec 16 2014 1:58PM

Nicole Scherzinger just released a super-sexy new music video featuring plenty of twerking, thrusting and spanking…and we're loving it.

Watch above to see the former Pussycat Dolls singer showing off her sweaty dance moves to her new single 'Bang'.

From the sultry tones of her voice to the star's ridiculously flexible floor twerking, this is one seriously hot vid.

But then again, her recent music vid for 'Your Love' was just as sexy.

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Iggy Azalea details alleged abuse at the hands of 'scoundrel' ex MusicFIX Blog by Yasmin Vought Dec 16 2014 10:20AM

Well this is pretty disturbing.

Iggy Azalea has outlined the many ways that her ex Hefe Wine made her life a living hell, in new court documents obtained by Radar Online.

The rapper, who sued her ex a few months ago after he allegedly stole her hard drive and tried to sell a sex tape of her, has now made shocking claims that she was threatened and abused by him as a teenager.

"[Hefe's] efforts to exploit the material he stole from me are an extremely upsetting extension of the terrible abuse he inflicted on me when I was a teenager," Iggy said in the sworn statement obtained by Radar.

The star, who was 17 when she made the move from Australia to the US to pursue her dream of becoming a hip-hop artist, said Hefe convinced her to stay with him when her money was running low.

Iggy said she "naively trusted" him at the time but then he started to become "aggressive and possessive and made unwelcome sexual advances."

Image: Twitter/Snapper

"He isolated me and told me to stop communicating with my musical collaborators," the 24-year-old said. "He intercepted contact information from my new acquaintances, never left me alone with other people, and followed me everywhere.

Eventually Iggy fled home to Australia in late 2008 when she discovered he was living a double life – he was married, had a criminal record and no record company.

"When I told him I wanted to leave," she said. "He threatened to ruin my career by calling his supposed music industry contacts and telling them not to work with me."

The star returned to the US in 2009 to resume working on her career when Hefe found her again.

"He told me he had stolen the entire contents of my personal computer," she said. "Including all my music, and uploaded it to a thumb drive. He emailed me some of the files he had stolen to prove what he had done. He threatened to find me and 'drag me back' to him.

"[His threat] made me so fearful for my physical safety that I temporarily moved back home to Australia to get away from him."

The stolen files referred to in the case were "demos and sketches" she was working on as a teenager in 2007 and 2008.

"I never intended those recording to be finished musical works," she said. "They were preliminary drafts, notes and studies of performance styles I was experimenting with at the time.

Hefe had apparently been releasing songs claiming to be "Hefe Wine featuring Iggy Azalea" and Iggy wants all her fans to know that the work is not legit.

"I do not want the public to be confused by defendants' efforts to pass off the inferior pastiches of a scoundrel as my work," she said. "I want the public to know that my work is authentic and as I intended it to be."

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