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Girl Power
The all-time best girl groups through the ages.
Girl power

Girl power

Sugababes and Spice Girls and all that's nice, that's what girl groups are made of. We take a look at girl groups through the ages.

Girl power: the all-time best girl groups

Girl groups are all about hitting women with a dose of female empowerment, but without any danger of alienating the boyfriend — potential or otherwise, writes Bob Dobson.

When watching the average girl band video she will see strong, assertive women comfortable in their sexuality, kicking a no-good boyfriend's ass to the curb. He sees hot chicks dancing. Meet our favourite nine girl groups from the last forty years.

The Supremes The Supremes
The Supremes weren't the first girl group when they started in 1961, but with a liberal dash of Motown glam they became one of the biggest acts of the '60s and supposedly the inspiration for the film Dreamgirls. Read more

Spice Girls Spice Girls
The Spice Girls gimmick can be summed up in two words: Girl Power! (TM). So what is Girl Power (TM)? Girl Power (TM) is a vague philosophy with obvious feminist overtones that doesn't stand up to much actual analysis. Read more

Bardot Bardot
The appeal of Bardot was watching everyday people turn into stars and then, as the band dissolved, crash back into reality. Hey, it's not rock and roll if there's nowhere to fall. Read more

Pointer Sisters Pointer Sisters
The Pointer Sisters' time as pop sensations was marked by great big hits and great big shoulder pads. And until recently, all members of the group were actual sisters. Read more

Pussycat Dolls Pussycat Dolls
Pussycat Dolls is six really hot women dancing and singing. Their gimmick is a clever marketing ploy by Hollywood executives to transform a Vegas dance act into an international money making sensation. Read more

All Saints All Saints
All Saints were more low key than their obviously manufactured competitors, The Spice Girls. While filling this niche was no doubt important, what also helped was their continued success as the Spice Girl train derailed. Read more

Destiny's Child Destiny's Child
The gimmick Destiny's Child has today is being ultra-famous. How they became ultra-famous is anyone's guess though number one hits like 'Bills, Bills, Bills' would have helped this progression to pop-stardom. Read more

TLC were the female version of Will Smith as the Fresh Prince of Bell Air. Playful, fun, smart and, though they didn't play it up, oh so sexy. Read more

Bananarama Bananarama
While best remembered for fun and indulgent video clips full of tasty man-candy, Bananarama were also big on the girl-power, sisters-doing-it-for-themselves message. Read more

WATCH: Retro video of Beyonce rapping from 90s is everything MusicFIX Blog by Amy Nelmes Jan 20 2015 6:30AM

This is exactly what we need to kick off #throwbacktuesday , a vintage video of Beyoncé rapping from the 90s. Just check out that hair!

The previously unseen clip, featuring queen Bey and the rest of the Destiny's Child girls in Lil' O's video for his song 'Can't Stop'.

We don't know how this sneaked past our keen Beyonce radar back in the 90s…but here you go FIXers, check it out above.

Released in 1997, the single didn't really muster-up that much interest, with the pop starlets yet to make a big dent on the music industry.

Fast forward 18-years and well, that's a whole different story.

In pics: Beyonce and Jay Z! Hives! Street parties! Solange's epic wedding

READ COMMENTS 0 COMMENTS Brush it off! Taylor Swift ignores ex Harry Styles in awkward encounter MusicFIX Blog by Yasmin Vought Jan 16 2015 6:54AM

Looks like Taylor Swift totally just gave Harry Styles the cold shoulder.

The pair, who split in 2013 after a few months of dating, were filmed hanging on the outside of a conversation with pop rock band HAIM at the Sunset Marquis hotel in LA.

But while Harry, 20, looked really animated and chatty, Taylor, 25, looked noticeably uncomfortable and carried on texting. Awks!

Watch the video above to see for yourself.

What part of "never, ever getting back together" are you failing to understand, Harry?

But it gets juicier…

A fan at the scene shared an "update" to Twitter that they actually left out the back door together, then went on a dinner date later that evening.

Do we need to remind you of all the painful songs Harry inspired, Taylor?

Here you go… Taylor Swift's lovers and the songs they inspired.

Author: Yasmin Vought. .

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