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Kate Miller-Heidke
Discover the wonderfully theatrical Kate Miller-Heidke.
Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke

Listen to Little Eve, Kate Miller-Heidke's playful and slightly loopy folk/pop album, that establishes her as one of Australia's most exciting musical talents.
Kate Miller-Heidke
I am fascinated by documentaries about cavemen. I like bright colours. I love the freedom that I have in my life and my music.

Kate Miller-Heidke introducing Kate Miller-Heidke

10:32 AEST Mon Jun 18 2007
Who better to introduce you to this exciting newcomer than Kate herself! Hear from the lovely lady, talking about how she can't stand strong smells, likes bright colours and is fascinated by documentaries about cavemen ...

I'm Kate Miller-Heidke (pronounced Hide-Key). The earliest memory of music I have is sitting in the tunnels in the park every weekend, for hours, listening to my voice bounce around the concrete.

The first record I ever owned was a tape I got for my eighth birthday. It was 'Tears On My Pillow' by Kylie Minogue. I learned every word. At age 15 I bought 'Blue' by Joni Mitchell, and it changed my life.

My first band, when I was 17, had three flautists in it — we broke up for obvious reasons. I then had a brief stint playing keyboards in the Pete Murray band (before he was famous). After that I had another band called Elsewhere which broke up and in 2003 I decided to go solo.

I lived in France for a year after school and at one time spoke great French. I'm very attached to my current band members. I met Keir, my guitarist and creative collaborator, in 2002 when we were pitted against each other in a battle of the bands, judged using a clap-o-meter.

I love songwriting. I love Fleetwood Mac and Queen. One of my favourite places is the Woodford Folk Festival. I can't stand strong smells. I wish I had my own home studio. I'm happiest when I'm with Keir. I am fascinated by documentaries about cavemen. I like bright colours. I love the freedom that I have in my life and my music.

Little Eve is my debut full length album. I was going to call it "Fate Thriller-Spiky" but reconsidered. I've sold lots of both of my independent EPs, mostly straight after gigs. The band and I have played dusty festivals, noisy pubs, gorgeous little theatres and ugly little theatres all over Australia.

Here's my favourite review I've ever received: 'She began to sing and I realised Alice had drunk a little too much of the wrong potion and flown completely off her rocker … she drives from a full soprano level to a wry and sneering punk position … A promising breath of fresh air to anyone willing to loosen a few screws for the experience'. (Drum Media)

I find it hard to describe my music with words. You'll just have to listen. The freedom to record an album the way I hear my music in my head has been an incredible experience. I took advantage of the fact that a studio recording can do things that can't be done live. I completely love the outcome. It shits all over my EPs.

EXCLUSIVE: Diva, much? Katy Perry refuses to talk to Aussie media at ARIAs MusicFIX Blog by Adam Bub and Amy Nelmes Nov 26 2014 7:41PM

After her recent run-ins with Australian paparazzi during her down time, Katy Perry gave local press the cold shoulder at the 2014 ARIA Awards red carpet this evening at The Star in Sydney.

TheFIX can exclusively reveal that the visiting international pop star snubbed all media outlets with no interviews, despite being the biggest name at tonight's ceremony (along with One Direction).

And while her 1D pals will sing at the awards, the 30-year-old has refused to perform, opting just to present one of the shiny statues.

A source told TheFIX that Katy didn't want to perform because it's "her night off" from her Australian Prismatic tour. So all her fans at home watching on TV will have to be content with a "hi-and-bye" kind of appearance on the ARIAs broadcast on Ten. Unless you buy a ticket to one of her concerts, of course.

However, Katy happily took selfies with a few lucky fans and took a spin in the ARIAs' 360-degree red carpet booth. And she even had a cuddle and flirty chuckle with Niall Horan from 1D! Nine caught the moment on camera:

Katy poses in the 360 booth and takes some fan selfies. Images: Getty.

But Katy's obvs had enough of the Australian media after paparazzi followed her to a nudist beach in Sydney last weekend.

The singer singled out paparazzo Jamie Fawcett on Twitter, telling her 60million followers that she has images of his "tiny penis" and "large gut". She also warned Australian outlets not to post "unauthorised photos of me in a bikini from these disgusting/perverted old men".

Jamie Fawcett, who was accused of bugging Nicole Kidman's home in 2005, has issued a letter to Katy demanding that she remove the allegedly defamatory posts from Twitter.

View slideshow: No undies everywhere! It's the year of the sheer on the 2014 ARIA Awards red carpet

EXCLUSIVE: Aussie stars fangirl over One Direction on the red carpet MusicFIX Blog by Carmarlena Murdaca Nov 26 2014 7:30PM

One Direction fever has well and truly hit Oz… and our fave Aussie celebs have officially caught the bug.

As the Brit boy band made their way through the crowds of screaming teenage girls at the 2014 ARIA Awards, pop artists and reality stars on the red carpet looked a little flustered by their presence… which led to some pretty intense fangirling.

But don't take our word for it! Check out all the action on the red carpet above.

And while most celebs were overwhelmed by the crazy 1D fans, fellow boy band 5 Seconds of Summer were just "p----- off" they had to walk the red carpet before their UK rivals.

"They think it's a f------ joke," an insider told TheFIX. "They have been pretty p----- off about it.

"They were one of the first ones to walk which shouldn’t have happened either."

Can't we all just got along, lads?

See-through style, bronzed bodies and weird pom-poms: The 2014 ARIA Awards red carpet

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