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ARIA awards 2007
Love the ARIA Awards? Get into our full coverage of the ceremony!
ARIA Awards 2007

We love the ARIAs!

It's the Australian music industry's night of nights, where the nation's biggest music stars come out to play.

ARIA Awards 2007 winners

Thursday, July 26, 2007
John Butler Trio "It's an honour to be in such great company for the ARIA nominations. It means a lot to be recognised by our peers and we are really proud to be part of such a thriving and unique music community," said John Butler Trio of their ARIA Awards nomination.

But which lucky musos had the privilege of taking an award home?

Album of the Year
Gotye, Mixed Blood (Samples 'n' Seconds/Creative Vibes)
John Butler Trio, Grand National (Jarrah Records/MGM)
Powderfinger, Dream Days At The Hotel Existence (Universal Music)
Silverchair, Young Modern (Eleven/Virgin/EMI) *Final winner
Sneaky Sound System, Sneaky Sound System (Whack Records/MGM)

We had predicted: While it's great to see both Sneaky and Goyte honoured for hard work and ample talent, the 'chair have to be the red-hot favourite for this one. Powderfinger and JBT have delivered solid albums this year, but we think the artistic and commercial success of Young Modern will see the boys from the coal city take home this pointy doorstop.

Single of the Year
Architecture In Helsinki, 'Heart It Races' (Scotland Yard/Shock Records)
John Butler Trio, 'Funky Tonight' (Jarrah Records/MGM)
Powderfinger, 'Lost And Running' (Universal Music)
Silverchair, 'Straight Lines' (Eleven/Virgin/EMI) *Final winner
Sneaky Sound System, 'UFO' (Whack Records/MGM)
Wolfmother, 'Joker And The Thief' (Modular/UMA)

We had predicted: They might as well just do the engraving on this ARIA award now. If Silverchair don't win for 'Straight Lines' there's going to be a revolt. A big cheer though for Architecture in Helsinki getting nominated for their brilliant single 'Heart It Races'.

Best Female Artist
Kasey Chambers, Carnival (Capitol/EMI)
Kate Miller-Heidke, Little Eve (Sony BMG)
Katie Noonan, Time To Begin (Mushroom)
Missy Higgins, On A Clear Night (Eleven/Virgin/EMI) *Final winner
Sarah Blasko, What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have (Dew Process/UMA)

We had predicted: For bold creativity Sarah Blasko really deserves to be in the running for this one ... but we think the unstoppable and wildly popular Missy Higgins will probably go home with the ARIA.

Best Male Artist
Dan Kelly, Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth (Infidelity Recordings/Shock Records)
Gotye, Mixed Blood (Samples 'n' Seconds/Creative Vibes) *Final winner
John Butler, Grand National (Jarrah Records/MGM)
Josh Pyke, Memories & Dust (Ivy League Records)
Paul Kelly, Stolen Apples (Capitol/EMI)

We had predicted: This one is an open field. With another big number one album Mr Butler is a firm favourite, but with his home-produced surprise hit opus Goyte might just pull off a much-deserved upset. And don't rule out Josh Pyke, whose Memories & Dust has been a sleeper hit of 2007.

Best Group
Eskimo Joe, Sarah (Mushroom)
Powderfinger, Dream Days At The Hotel Existence (Universal Music)
Silverchair, Young Modern (Eleven/Virgin/EMI) *Final winner
Sneaky Sound System, Sneaky Sound System (Whack Records/MGM)
Wolfmother, The Joker And The Thief (Modular/UMA)

We had predicted: We think the 'chair will take out this one as well, ahead of tourmates Powderfinger. And while it's great to see Sneaky bring a bit of dance floor glamour to this otherwise raw-heavy line-up, it's unlikely we'll see them upsetting Daniel and the boys in this category.

Breakthrough Artist — Album
Airbourne, Runnin' Wild (Capitol/EMI)
Expatriate, In the Midst Of This (Dew Process/UMA)
Josh Pyke, Memories & Dust (Ivy League Records)
Kate Miller-Heidke, Little Eve (Sony BMG)
Sneaky Sound System, Sneaky Sound System (Whack Records/MGM) *Final winner

We had predicted: They may be missing out in other categories, but this award belongs to the Sneaky Sound System — hands down.

Breakthrough Artist — Single
Damien Leith, 'Night Of My Life' (Sony BMG)
Kate Miller-Heidke, 'Words' (Sony BMG)
Operator Please, 'Just A Song About Ping Pong' (Virgin/EMI) *Final winner
Small Mercies, 'Innocent' (Sony BMG)
Something With Numbers, 'Apple Of The Eye (Lay Me Down)' (Below Par/Virgin/EMI)

We had predicted: This is going to be a battle between the platinum success of talent show gold medallist Damien Leith and Gold Coast teen sensations Operator Please. No offence Damien, but we're backing the song about ping pong.

Best Country Album
Gina Jeffreys, Walks Of Life (Ocean Road Music/MGM)
James Blundell, Ring Around The Moon (Compass Bros Records)
Keith Urban, Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing (Capitol/EMI) *Final winner
Lou Bradley, Love Someone (MGM)
The Greencards, Veridian (Dualtone/Shock Records)

Best Comedy Release
Dave Hughes, Live (Liberation Music) *Final winner
Lano and Woodley, Goodbye (Liberation Music)
Rodney Rude, Frog Sack (EMI)
The 12th Man, Boned! (Virgin/EMI)
Tripod, Songs From Self Saucing (MGM)

Best Pop Release
Evermore, Light Surrounding You (Warner Music)
Kate Miller-Heidke, Little Eve (Sony BMG)
Missy Higgins, On A Clear Night (Eleven/Virgin/EMI)
Operator Please, Just A Song About Ping Pong (Virgin/EMI)
Sarah Blasko, What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have (Dew Process/UMA) *Final winner

We had predicted: Missy will probably beat out Evermore — but this one could be close.

Best Adult Contemporary Album
Art of Fighting, Runaways (Remote Control)
Josh Pyke, Memories & Dust (Ivy League Records) *Final winner
Lisa Miller, Morning in the Bowl of Night (Raoul Records/Inertia)
New Buffalo, Somewhere Anywhere (Dot Dash)
Paul Kelly, Stolen Apples (Capitol/EMI)

We had predicted: Josh Pyke should be stepping up to the receive this award ... assuming he is not too embarrassed to be described as 'adult contemporary'.

Best Rock Album
Airbourne, Runnin' Wild (Capitol/EMI)
Grinspoon, Alibis & Other Lies (Universal Music)
Jet, Shine On (Capitol/EMI)
Powderfinger, Dream Days At The Hotel Existence (Universal Music)
Silverchair, Young Modern (Eleven/Virgin/EMI) *Final winner

We had predicted: Jet's second album never really left the runway and Powderfinger's latest has yet to equal their past glories, so we can't see Silverchair having any worries in this category.

Best Music DVD
Kisschasy, Kisschasy The Movie (Below Par/Virgin/EMI)
The Grates, Till Death Do Us Party (Dew Process/UMA)
The Living End, Live at Festival Hall (Capitol/EMI)
Various, The Countdown Spectacular (Liberation Music)
You Am I, Who Are They, These Rock Stars? Live At The Mint (Virgin/EMI) *Final winner

Best Independent Release
Gotye, Mixed Blood (Samples 'n' Seconds/Creative Vibes)
Hilltop Hoods, The Hard Road Restrung (Obese Records)
John Butler Trio, Grand National (Jarrah Records/MGM) *Final winner
Sneaky Sound System, Sneaky Sound System (Whack Records/MGM)
Wolf & Cub, Vessels (Dot Dash)

We had predicted: This ARIA needs to be melted down and reforged into three mini-ARIAs to be presented to JBT, Sneaky and Goyte, as to pick between the three of them in this race seems pointless.

Best Urban Release
Bliss N Eso, Day Of The Dog (Phazed Out Illusive Sounds)
Foreign Heights, Get Yours Remix (Grindin'/CSR)
Hilltop Hoods, The Hard Road Restrung (Obese Records) *Final winner
Jackson Jackson, The Fire Is On The Bird (Virgin/EMI)
Justice and Kaos, Turn It On (Warner Music)

We had predicted: Bliss N Eso and Jackson Jackson have a chance, but even with a reworking of an album from last year, the Hoods are going to be hard to beat.

Best Dance Release
Gotye, Mixed Blood (Samples 'n' Seconds/Creative Vibes)
Hook'n'Sling & Kid Kenobi, The Bump (Hussle Black)
Sneaky Sound System, Sneaky Sound System (Whack Records/MGM) *Final winner
PoxyMusic, She Bites (Ministry of Sound)
TV Rock vs Dukes of Windsor, The Others (Bimbo Rock/Sony BMG)

We had predicted: Two horse race. But we think Sneaky will outrun Goyte by half a length.

Best Children's Album
Bindi Irwin, Bindi Kid Fitness with Steve Irwin and The Crocmen (EMI)
Christine Anu, Chrissy's Island Family (ABC Music)
Coco's Lunch, Rat Trap Snap (Sound Vault Records)
Hi-5, Wow! (Sony BMG)
The Fairies, Fairy Beach (ABC Music)
The Wiggles, Pop Go The Wiggles (ABC Music) *Final winner

We had predicted: Bindy's got to be a chance here, but it'll be a hard race to win when she has Hi-5 and the Wiggles to contend with.

Best Blues and Roots Album
Ash Grunwald, Give Signs (Delta Groove/Shock Records)
CW Stoneking, King Hokum (Low Transit Industries)
Jeff Lang and Chris Whitley, Dislocation Blues (ABC Music)
John Butler Trio, Grand National (Jarrah Records/MGM) *Final winner
Xavier Rudd, White Moth (Salt X/UMA)

We had predicted: If JB isn't lucky in all the other categories he should be pretty safe to at least take out this one.

Visit the official Aria Awards website for more winners.

Which artists were robbed on the night? And who should have made it onto this list? Tell us what you think below.

User comments
Ash Grunwald has been blowing people away with his music for years now... If you haven't seen him yet, you're missing one of the best nights of your lives! Buy his albums and you're guaranteed to groove your head off! When are any of the commercial radio stations going to give him half the airplay that the John Butler Trio, etc. get? For God's sake, how is this contest fair and indicative of ALL that's going on in the Australian music scene?! Wake up and listen to something different! We dig you man - Go Ash, go !!!
i thank bindi will win this one this year as she is just as good as the rest good luck bindi
Please tell me what else Damien Leith has to do to win this award. He has had multi platinum albums (2) Number 1 single here and top 10 overseas, nominated for Industry Helpmann Awards, published a novel, is a recognised songwriter, won Australian Idol 2006. Yes I would say that in 2006-2007 he has definitely broken through and he is a darn nice bloke to boot. I love watching him on TV and can't wait to see him in concert again. He deserves this award.
Add to Damien Leith's impressive list, international recognition with a contract with Universal Music Publishing Group...well done!
NOML - Platinum
Damien has got to win breakthrough single!!, i swear if that ping pong song wins i swill scream!!. Damien deserves it more then anything!. Plus he should be in more nominations!!, His been the best thing all year!!!.
Silverchair is the best band ever! Im going to their concert with Powderfinger in like 12 days!! They deserve to win everything that they are in. It shows that they are on of the best Aussie Rock Bands Ever! And their new album rocked no matter what anyone says like that chick "amy" with not impressed. Stuff you. You wouldnt know real music if it hit you in the face. We dont want daniel johns going into depression again cause Young Modern wasnt as good as Diorama. Gosh get over yourself. You should be happy for them! LOSER.. Anyway im pretty happy with all the artists and I can't wait to watch it =]
Sorry to say it guys, but I think these "Our Pick" comments are seriously underestimating some serious talent that goes way beyond the mainstream. I think Kate Miller-Heidke
Reading your article and your pick on who will win this award. I am very disappointed in ninemsn for choosing a stupid song about ping pong which you can't even understand over such a wonderful song like Night Of My Life. Obvisouly some people have no taste in music.
I think the Chair were much better when they were trying to be Nirvana. Ever since Danny boy got loved up and is 'happy', the music has changed. BRING BACK THE ANGST!

ARIA Awards 2007
EXCLUSIVE: Timomatic's 'nasty' body transformation… and why he's happy to show it off MusicFIX Blog by Carmarlena Murdaca Nov 27 2014 3:24PM

Timomatic's not usually one to talk about his sexuality.

In a world where Miley Cyrus twerks, JLo booty-pops and Rihanna wears body bling instead of actual clothing, Timomatic's now "comfortable" going shirtless… and his sensual music video for recent tune 'Delilah' proves he's at ease with his buff bod.

"I'm very comfortable with my own sexuality," he exclusively told TheFIX. "And feeling sexy comes from a place of confidence. It's tapping into that inner self-esteem and knowing you're the motherf------ s---, as opposed to saying to yourself "okay, I'm going to act sexy now." So we're guessing there's no mirror mantras pre-filming?

Although we truly feel he was born with a six pack, the former Australia's Got Talent mentor says getting into shape was hard work… and that things got "pretty nasty during his heavy dieting".

"For six months of this year, I was working with a personal trainer to create the body I wanted for the next phase of my life," he added. "It took a lot of focus, but it's not something I could ever sustain. I got pretty nasty around that time!"

Slamming the split rumours that have surrounded his relationship with girlfriend Talia Fowler, Timomatic reaffirmed that his privacy is very important to him.

"I treat rumours like fire, they only get bigger if you add wood to them," he told us. "I think each to their own, but I like to guard my personal life quite a lot. I think when you're love life is in a media forum, it's not necessarily taken as seriously. What people seem to forget is that for everyone involved, it's real life. It's not that I don't want people knowing anything about my life, but I'd rather just put my guard up and experience what I'm feeling."

After a year of "self-discovery and creation", Timomatic is now going back to his roots to find out who and what he represents… which now includes his involvement in the Beats 4 Breast Cancer Concert held in Sydney on December 10th.

"Any kind of event that goes beyond music for music's sake is a really powerful thing," he said. "It's definitely nice to be a part of something that is going to make a change.

"I also think that as a celebrity, we have a duty of service to people to use our status to make positive changes and any platform we can do that in is really powerful."

For more information on Beats 4 Breast Cancer, visit their official website here.

See-through style, bronzed bodies and weird pom-poms: The 2014 ARIA Awards red carpet

Sia 'saddened' by no-show ARIAs criticism: 'I made four thank you videos…they chose to show one' MusicFIX Blog by Yasmin Vought Nov 27 2014 12:06PM

Sia had the perfect response to critics slamming her for not attending the 2014 ARIA awards last night, even though she'd pre-recorded four acceptance vids.

The US based singer, who won four awards at the ceremony, took to Twitter to defend herself, then offered out her awards to fans. What a champ!

"I made four thank you/acceptance videos for the ARIAs," the 38-year-old wrote. "They chose to show one. I'm saddended to be getting s--- for being a no-show.

"On the upside, I won! Who wants one? First four people to document doing a good deed, I'll send you an ARIA."

The best response so far to the Aussie singer's request was a selfie by fellow ARIA nominee Ed Sheeran (below), captioned: "@Sia I'm overweight, send me one plz, that can your good deed."

Image: Twitter

Well played, Ed.

Sia won four ARIAs for Best Video ('Chandelier'), Best Female Artist, Best Pop Release and the Telstra Album of the Year award (1000 Forms of Fear).

Related video: The ARIA awards 2014 red carpet...

Check out Triple J host Matt Okine's Sia costume in the The 2014 ARIA Awards red carpet gallery below…

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