Watch: Ke$ha swears like a trooper in crazy new interview

Wash your mouth out with soap, young lady!

We've got to hand it to US pop singer Ke$ha, who has turned cursing into an art form, judging by our latest video above.

TheFIX asked the 'Die Young' singer her favourite swear word of all time — and boy does she know how to rip into an F-bomb! Among other unfortunate words involving balls ...

The 25-year-old also volunteered gross-out stories from her time as a waitress in LA before making it big in the music industry three years ago.

One involved finding a cockroach and screwdriver in a customer's food.

"They had to bring it back and I had to try and explain it," she reveals. "But really, I just had to run to the bathroom and throw up!"

"I'm just a really bad waitress. I'm too emotional ... That's why I always tip well — it's because I've been there and it f---ing blows!"

Kesha's new album Warrior is out November 30. 'Die Young' is out now.

Watch the cray-cray clip for 'Die Young' below:

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