Feeling like a woman: Shania Twain's looking fine at 47

Feeling like a woman: Shania Twain's looking fine at 47

Meow! Look at that catsuit. After an eight-year break from performing, queen of country pop, Shania Twain, has emerged looking (and feeling) like a woman half her age.

Even before she uttered a note, the singer and five-time Grammy winner received a standing ovation at her debut show at the Colosseum at Las Vegas' Caesar's Palace on Saturday evening.

We have to say, even after all these years, Shania's looking fine in her incredible striped and sequinned catsuit and knee-high boots.

Exuding confidence, Shania thanked the crowd: "Thank you so much! You guys are going to get me all emotional, and then my eyelashes are going to fall off!"

The show, a 100-minute pop spectacular, saw Shania serenading two horses, straddling a motorcycle and dangling on wires as she sang her greatest hits.

Look out, Madonna: you're not the only comeback queen in town!

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