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Watch: Lady Gaga goes wild on stage with The Rolling Stones

Musical worlds collided over the weekend when edgy pop-queen Lady Gaga took to the stage alongside rock legends The Rolling Stones.

As part of the Stones' 50th Anniversary Concert in New Jersey, the audience was stunned when Lady Gaga suddenly appeared on stage alongside Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

Gaga, who was sporting a sexy skin-tight body suit and a long blonde wig, was a ball of energy from the moment she appeared. She and Mick broke into an incredible version of the classic Stones' hit 'Gimme Shelter'. Check out a clip above.

At twice her age, Mick Jagger still knows how to rock. But it was Gaga who was the biggest surprise. It's been a quiet year for Gaga, but she's lost none of her punch. She worked the stage and, at times, even Mick Jagger looked as dazzled as the crowd!

What do you think of Gaga's Stones collab?

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