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Watch: Taylor Swift's cat Meredith is the most adorable thing alive

With her little folded ears and goofy, vacant expression, it's possible that country-pop queen Taylor Swift's cat, Meredith, is headed for superstardom.

A breed of cat known as a Scottish Fold, Tay-Tay's adorable kitten has become something of a cat celebrity, regularly appearing in Taylor's Twitter feed and popping up in her YouTube clips.

In this video, Taylor marvels at her own magnificence, filming herself listening to herself singing on the radio as she chatters away at her kitty.

Meredith, meanwhile, lovingly meows back at everything Taylor says before skittering off when a toy is tossed her way. My heart. It is melting.

Could Meredith be on the verge of becoming a bona-fide celebrity in her own right?

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