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Wub-wub-whoops: Watch as Skrillex accidentally sets his hair on fire

When birthday cakes attack! Dubstep maestro Skrillex learned a valuable lesson in pyrotechnics when he accidentally singed his trademark locks while blowing out candles on his birthday cake.

The bass-dropping Grammy winner was celebrating his birthday at a private party in Hollywood. Watch as Skrillex gets serenaded by the crowd before getting a little too close to open flames.

As the birthday singing wrapped up and some dubstep kicked in, Skrillex jerks back when he realises he's on fire.

Don't worry, dubstep fans - Skrillex (and his iconic hair) were fine. He immediately laughed about it before tucking into his DJ-deck-shaped birthday cake.

Thankfully, onlookers recorded the whole thing and now we can all share in the moment! Schadenfreude!

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