No Posh: Victoria Beckham snubs Spice Girls reunion world tour

Easy come, easy go. Coming just days after 2DayFM radio host Jackie O let slip about the Spice Girls reunion world tour, including Australia, Victoria Beckham has pulled out of any future touring prospects.

A spokesperson for Posh told The Sun, "Victoria has no plans to tour with the Spice Girls in 2014. Her future focus concerns her family and fashion business".

That move's not going to win Posh any new fans, that's for certain. With tensions between the girls well documented over the years, we're not completely surprised either. In fact, it would've been more surprising if she agreed to go ahead with the tour.

At this stage, Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton are all still on the cards. However, will four-fifths of the Spice Girls be enough to coax fans out of hibernation?

Maybe the Spice Girls need to look online like another famous UK 5ive-piece '90s pop group!

Get yourself in a Spice Girls mood with this killer playlist of videos from the Fab Five below!

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