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Watch: Girl wedgies herself on fence at Soundwave, vid goes viral

This is definitely the "wrong" kind of internet fame. A girl scaled a fence at the 2013 Melbourne Soundwave music festival on March 2 (a fence clearly labelled "no climbing", in fact) and managed to wedgie herself. Watch this train wreck in action above.

We'd go a step further and call this an atomic wedgie. The unidentified girl was trying to get into the crowd in front of Blink-182's set when she hooked the back of her pants and was left dangling helplessly for a few painful (and hilarious) seconds.

While her pants tore off, and she sheepishly crouched down, the girl appeared unharmed. The emotional damage may take years to recover from, however.

Blink-182: Getting girls out of their pants since 1993.

More music festival fails in these videos below:

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