'Cut it out, you grown-a-- women': Pink breaks up a fight at her concert

Pink may well be our new favourite person after this latest clip from her Philadelphia concert. The punked-out pop-rocker stopped her set mid-song to break up a fight between two ladies, scolding them for acting like jerks around a child who was with them. You go, Pink!

The 33-year-old singer was performing an acoustic version of 'Who Knew' from her 2006 album I’m Not Dead when she stopped to console a crying fan.

"Is everything okay right here? Why is she crying?" Pink asked a woman in the crowd, before noticing a young girl. "Why is she upset?"

"You all are fighting around a little girl? Cut it out -- you are all grown-ass women!" Pink scolded the pair.

With her own daughter Willow just two years old, it's not surprising she was upset by the scenario. Still, Pink showed those two ladies how to be a good mum (and human being).

After the little girl was moved to the front of the crowd, Pink addressed her directly. "First of all, you look beautiful," she told the girl, before handing her a snack. "Rice Krispies Treats make everything better."

Heart-warming! We officially love you, Pink.

Check out a couple more videos of celebs losing it at fans:

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