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Watch: Marie Osmond pees her pants on stage, wipes it up with a towel

We don't know whether to laugh, cringe or puke after watching this clip of Marie Osmond's very public little "accident".

The singer was performing on a cruise ship in the Bahamas with her brother Donny Osmond recently, when she literally "p---ed herself" laughing.

Shortly before the video footage starts up, Donny cracks a joke that causes Marie to collapse on the floor with laughter … And then the poor woman has no choice but to stay where she is once she realises she's wet herself.

To her credit, the 52-year-old manages to laugh her way through the whole nightmare, even the cringeworthy moment when she tells the audience, "I peed my pants!" and a stage hand brings her a towel.

Oh gawd. This has got to be a star's worst nightmare!

If it's any consolation, Marie, you're not alone. Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie had a similar little accident on stage back in 2005.


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