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Taylor Swift loves being famous It really grinds our gears when celebrities bitch and moan about the trials of fame — because it must suck to have achieved incredible success and be living out all your wildest dreams. Yeah, we really feel so sorry for you.

So we kind of love that Taylor Swift doesn't just enjoy being famous... she revels in it.

"I get tired but I don't get tired of it," the 19-year-old singer told the Tennessean. "When I was a little kid I remember sitting there thinking how lucky I would be if someday people cared about the words I wrote, and when you spend so much time daydreaming about that, I don't complain."

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Gwen Stefani doubts the future of No Doubt Is No Doubt about to become the next band whose members wind up hating the sight of each another?

Frontwoman Gwen Stefani admits there's been some tension in the group since they recently reformed, but insists it hasn't been as bad as everyone thinks.

"Everybody's making it like there's all this new tension, you know, like I stepped away from the band and now they're jealous of me," Gwen told Elle magazine. "And look, maybe there is a little bit of that."

Hey, wait a sec. That doesn't sound reassuring — it sounds kinda catty!

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Lady GaGa, meet Mini-Lady GaGa Oh crap, is Lady GaGa breeding an army of tiny clones in her ongoing quest to conquer the world?!

Luckily for all of us, that's just Las Vegas performer and "short statured person" Terra Jole, who's been dressing up as GaGa and performing her hits on stage. (If you've been to Vegas, you'll know that this sort of thing passes for normal over there.)

The real Lady GaGa should be stoked — getting your very own Mini-Me is a sign you've hit the big time!

"In the environment I perform in I hear a lot of Gaga's music and I just find it so entertaining and powerful that I thought why not try it and see how it works out," Terra told the LA Times. "Tons of drag queens are doing Lady Gaga and so I figured why not do a miniature version."

Why not indeed?

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Wow! Check out Jessica Mauboy in the video for her new track 'Because' She might not have won Australian Idol but the lovely Jessica Mauboy is proving she's a fabulous pop star in her own right.

Read the full post to see Jessica looking stunning in her new video clip.

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Video: Kelly Clarkson's Coke confession Kelly Clarkson rules - even Fix roving reporter Jordan is intimidated by her awesomeness!

But when the songstress admitted she'd had some Coke prior to the interview - a panicked moment of silence followed.

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"Crack is wack" Whitney back from the dead? ,

Powerhouse vocalist Whitney Houston is set to release a new album, following almost a decade of making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

If you were making a chick flick in the 90s, Whitney was your go-to girl for the soundtrack. But after making The Bodyguard a colossal success on the strength of her lung power alone, everything fell apart.

Drug allegations flew around, her marriage hit the skids and one disastrous interview on a US talk show produced this corker:

"Crack is cheap. I make too much money to ever smoke crack. Let's get that straight. Okay? We don't do crack. We don't do that. Crack is wack."

Whitney's new album is due out in August. Now if only someone would remix Whitney's 'crack is wack' rap, life would pretty much be perfect.

Key hits:

  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (1987)
  • I Will Always Love You (1992)

    Check out the greatest musical comebacks ever in our gallery below.

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Video: Bret Michaels rocked knocked out at the Tony Awards

Check out the clip… and remember: if you laugh, you're a bad person (we're all very, very bad people at The Fix)…

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New video: Empire of The Sun - If you thought Katy Perry's sushi dress was strange watch this! This is the suitably kooky video for Empire of The Sun's new track 'Standing On The Shore'. Read the full post to watch the video in all it's weird and wacky glory!

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Fergie's raunchy new girl-on-girl clip

Fergie shows off an amazing bod and a penchant for the ladies in her hot new video I Gotta Feeling.

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Britney's coming to Australia!

Britney Spears has confirmed her Circus world tour will be coming down under.

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