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Nikki Webster is back, for real Yes, Nikki Webster really is back, and no, this is not some strange dream you're having.

You might have thought you'd seen the last of young Nikki, the girl who rapidly devolved into Australia's punching bag after her stint at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. But she's back on the music scene with the new single 'Devilicious', and an accompanying film clip that depicts scores of scantily clad back-up dancers gyrating raunchily up against her.

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Wino too drunk to perform at comeback concert? Even God seems to hate Amy Winehouse: she had to cancel her big comeback gig halfway through after the concert was lashed by torrential rain.

But British tabloids claim that the real reason Wino abandoned the gig is because she had way too much to drink before she went onstage.

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The Script: Get dumped, write music, pull top model... ,

...We're guessing this probably wasn't Irish band The Script's exact plan when they set out writing their debut album, but it could have been!

Read the full post to find out the drama that surrounds the video for their new single 'Breakeven'.

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Evermore challenge Jonas Brothers to grow moustaches! ,

We wouldn't have blamed them if Evermore had thrown a bit of a tanty over being compared to Jonas Brothers, but lucky for Jordan, MUSIC FIX's interviewer of the stars, the band were very open minded about the suggestion, responding with an agreement that "Well they are quite good looking boys"...

Watch the video interview to find out what else the band had to say about Jonas Brothers, method acting and The Wiggles...

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Thriller actress sues Michael Jackson ,

Ola Ray, a former Playboy Playmate, has filed a suit against Michael and his production company claiming she hasn't seen a penny of the royalties promised to her from the 1983 film clip.

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Christina Aguilera goes to the movies , If Britney can be a movie star, why not Christina Aguilera?

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Did Coldplay rip off Cat Stevens? ,

Veteran folk singer Cat Stevens has accused Coldplay of plagiarising his work.

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Changing names: Madonna fans obsess by deed poll ,

Three women from Leeds have legally changed their names to include lyrics from the Material Girl's songs.

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Lady GaGa flashes her [beep]?! , We didn't mind when Lady GaGa said performing music is like having "mind-blowing, irresponsible sex". We accepted it when she confessed she used to be a stripper. And we just rolled our eyes when she reckoned that 'Poker Face' is secretly about wanting to have lesbian sex.

But this time we think she's finally gone too far.

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Hear a Gossip Girl rock out! , If you're a fan of TV's Gossip Girl you already know that schoolgirl Jenny Humphrey is a bit of a wild child... but so is the actress who plays her, 16-year-old Taylor Momsen.
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