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In pics: Music's wackiest fashions Fashion in music, music in fashion; what came first? Musicians were known for kick-starting fashion trends long before the Beatles put bowls on their heads and gave themselves a haircut.
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Britney to lip-sync critics: "STFU" Okay, so "STFU" is not exactly what Britney said. I'm just putting words in her mouth and making it appear as if she's said them, when really she hasn't. Exactly like Britney herself does at her concerts. (Boomtish!)

Britney's manager Adam Leber is the one telling critics to cram it, taking to Twitter to defend the pop tart. "It's unfortunate that one journalist in Perth didn't enjoy the show last night," he tweeted. "Fortunately the other 18,272 fans in attendance did!"

Leber's harsh words come in response to journos who are attempting to stir up anger because Britney lip-syncs at her concerts. According to these OTT articles, it is an outrage that anyone has to pay hundreds of dollars to see someone mime on stage.

Except it isn't, because everyone knows that Britney lip-syncs. She's been doing it for years. Going to a Britney concert and complaining about the lip-syncing is like going to the ballet and complaining about the prancing.

Personally, I prefer that Britney lip-syncs. If you've ever actually heard her sing live, you probably do too.

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Australian Idol: top 3 - power music The episode opens with the final four's rendition of 'We Built This City'. Even though this song was (rightly) voted the worst of the all time in a recent poll, it's still a pretty rad performance — the phrase "so bad it's good" comes to mind.

Gunsberg explains that tonight's theme is "power" — be it a power ballad, a power anthem, or anything in between. That's a pretty vague theme, but I'll let it slide since this season is in urgent need of a little spark. After another recap of Toby's "unprecedented" exit last week — which wasn't unprecedented at all, given that Cosima quit way back in season one — it's elimination time.

James is safe. Yaaaaay! This is already shaping up to the best episode of the season. Stan is safe, so it's immediately obvious that it's Nathan's time to go. I've liked the kid fine, but he's totally the kind of Idol contestant who will now disappear into permanent obscurity.

Tonight's guest judge is Pete Wentz, who's not wearing any emo eyeliner. He's not even rocking an emo fringe. Lame! He doesn't look emo at all! He actually looks kind of... jetlagged?

Read the full post for a thrilling recap of the top three's performances!

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Lady Gaga: "David Bowie is my influence" Now we know who to blame for Lady GaGa: the pop tart told MTV host Alexa Chung that David Bowie is a major influence on her, um, unusual image.

"I used to sit in my apartment for hours and do his make-up on myself over and over again," GaGa revealed.

This revelation shouldn't surprise anyone who's familiar with Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" years, when he gallivanted around in strange costumes and bizarre hairstyles saying weird and unusual things — much like Lady GaGa.

Check out the full post for our look at some of the myriad ways Ziggy has inspired GaGa.

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Confirmed: Take That reunion Robbie Williams has confirmed that Take That will be the next '90s pop supergroup to stage a reunion.

He appeared on British chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and revealed that he and the other members of Take That — Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen — have been in the studio recording "bits and bobs", and that all five of them might appear onstage together soon.

Of course, Take That have technically already reunited — though their previous reunion tour was sans Robbie, the only member of the band anyone really cares about nowadays.

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Video: Alicia Keys and Jay-Z heart NYC

It's rare that a day goes by and I don't wish that I'm back in New York City (it really is the greatest city in the world). So I simultaneously love and hate Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' new track 'Empire State of Mind'.

I love it because it's a reminder what a glamorous, incredible, super-cool place New York is. (That, and it's a catchy song.) I hate it because it makes me want to go there right now. (Would anyone like to volunteer to pay for my plane ticket? Anyone?)

Apparently the song is getting play all over New York right now — no surprise. Check out the all-new clip in the full post and pretend you're there.

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Rihanna to give tell-all interview about Chris Brown Rihanna is finally speaking out about her assault earlier this year by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

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Australian Idol: Top 4 - Noughties This episode kicks off with a shocking moment, which is itself shocking in a season that's generally been pretty ho-hum: Toby has decided to pull out of the competition! Because he's more passionate about schoolteaching than he is about a career in the music industry. I suspect the real reason he's dropped out is because he's run out of a droopy British ballads to sing.

Read the full post for more on Toby's unexpected decision.

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Video: Katy Perry's hot threesome in a fountain Katy Perry + uber-catchy song = irresistible.

The pop princess teams up with 3OH!3 in the clip for their latest track 'Starstrukk', cavorting in a fountain with Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte. JealousI want to cavort in a fountain with Katy Perry! (And let's face it, who doesn't.)

Check out the clip in the full post.

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Quiz: Guess the band minus the frontman! , There's probably a song featuring the musical talents of Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion on your MP3 player — you just don't know it.

"Um, who the hell are those guys?" you might be asking. Well, they're the non-Chris Martin members of Coldplay, and despite being part of one of the biggest bands on the planet you likely wouldn't recognise them if you passed them in the street.

(Unless, of course, you're some sort of Coldplay uber-fan; if this is the case, please refrain from leaving a snotty "I can't believe you don't know who Jonny, Guy and Will are, YOU MUSICAL PHILISTINE"-type comment.)

What other megabands become unrecognisable once you eliminate their frontman? Or are you such a music genius you can pick a group even without their lead singer? Read the full post to test your knowledge in our quiz!

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