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Australian Idol: Top 8 - Pink After a terribly naff performance of 'Get the Party Started', Andrew G reveals that the theme of tonight's show is Pink songs. I should mention that he's hanging from one of those aerial hardness things that Pink uses in her concerts, which starts off as a cheesy gimmick but quickly becomes extremely hilarious when Tim spins him around and around in it until G's face looks like this:

His "I'm about to vomit" discomfort is the most genuine emotion I've seen on Australian Idol in years.

(Also, has anyone else noticed that Andrew has started introducing himself as "Andrew Gunsberg", using his full name?)

Elimination time. The girls are all safe, and the bottom three isn't who I expected it to be: Scott, James, and Tim. WHAAAAAT? James is in the bottom three? He's, like, the best one! Fortunately he's safe, and dreamy, dreamy Tim is given the boot. That's not entirely surprising, though Scott would have been more deserving of elimination. (Theory: Andrew G flicked Tim as revenge for spinning him around in the hardness. Controversy!)

So there's eight singers left. But the show still goes for two hours. You know what that means: filler! Lots and lots of filler. Skip straight to the good stuff in the full post.

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Lady GaGa and Kanye West break up Music powerhouses Lady GaGa and Kanye West were supposed to tour together. Note the use of the word "supposed" — the whole thing has been cancelled.

Yep, their Fame Kills tour has been killed.

Why was it called off? No official reason has been given, but rumour has it that GaGa was keen to call of her partnership with Kanye after his bad behaviour at the VMAs last month. If that's true, we kind of don't blame her.

Australian Gaga fans can catch her in concert when she tours down here in March 2010.

Got a theory behind the Gaga/Kanye split? Post it in the comments.

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Amy Winehouse's embarrassing rap video Okay, to be fair, a video of Amy Winehouse rapping ranks pretty low on the list of embarrassing things she's done. That said, this video of Amy Winehouse rapping is nevertheless pretty embarrassing.

For the record, I think Amy is a genuinely talented musician. (If you've never listened to any of her albums, go buy one right now.) Unfortunately she is not a genuinely talented rapper. In fact her skillz are kind of rubbish.

Best/worst lyrics: "I'm a Jew. Well, a Jewmaican." Oy vey. Watch the cringeworthy footage in the full post.

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Britney Spears's 3-some

Check out the cover art for Britney's upcoming single '3'. I have a feeling that three Britneys is high on the list of male fantasies...

The release of '3', which hits radio on October 6, will coincide with the release of Britney Spears: The Singles Collection on November 20, which will in turn coincide with her highly anticipated Australian tour. In short: prepare for Britney overload.

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2010's Big Day Out line-up announced In 2010 the Big Day Out is going to be, um, a big day out.

Muse will headline the star-studded festival — which will be interesting, given that everyone seems to either really love or really hate their latest album The Resistance — joined by acts including Lily Allen,

Local acts on the line-up include Powderfinger, Eskimo Joe, Grinspoon and Bluejuice (whose song 'Broken Leg' I'm constantly struggling to get out of my head).

FasterLouder has the complete list of acts at the Big Day Out, which will tour the country in January '10. Tickets go on sale in October.

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Twilight sinks fangs into Eskimo Joe (The laws of the universe demand that every story written about Twilight have a vampire pun in its title. This one is no exception.)

It's hard to imagine that the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon won't be one of the biggest movies of the year, or that its accompanying soundtrack won't be one of the biggest albums of the year.

So Australian band Eskimo Joe must be pretty chuffed that their track 'Thunderclap' will be included on the album.

"It's great to be a part of Twilight," said Joe guitarist Stuart MacLeod. "'Thunderclap' seemed to be the perfect song for the album... It has a darkness to it, but also a real feeling of hope. I hope it's a good match for the film."

On the downside, Eskimo Joe will only feature as a bonus track on the Australian version of the soundtrack (I'd point out that "that sucks", if I hadn't already exhausted my supply of vampire puns), but even so, you know you're doing something right when your musical company includes Thom Yorke, The Killers and Death Cab for Cutie.

New Moon is in cinemas November 19, but the soundtrack releases on October 20.

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Mika: "I like girls and guys" Mika (whose latest album The Boy Who Knew Too Much is in constant rotation on my iPod at the moment) has always been a little on the campy side, so this may not shock you:

He's officially come out as bisexual in an interview with Dutch gay mag Gay&Night.

"I've never limited my life, I've never limited who I sleep with," said Mika, according to Perez. "So, I don't know. Call me whatever you want. Call me bisexual, if you need a term for me... Apply that to me, if that's what you want. That's as close as I'll get to any label."

Mika has dodged questions about his sexuality for ages, so it's nice that he's finally opened up.

(However, I'm still a little dubious about the whole thing — ever since Pink "revealed" she was bi and the whole thing turned out to be made up, I've been wary of celebrity coming out stories. So, you know, keep that in mind before you go around telling everyone who'll listen that Mika is bisexual.)

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Australian Idol: top 9 - '80s If the top 10's theme was top 10 hits, shouldn't '80s night have been saved for the top eight? And shouldn't the top nine be singing '90s hits? Anyway...

The episode starts with the top 10's rendition of the Duran Duran classic 'Girls on Film'. It's spectacularly dreadful: first the boys come out and dance together (it's like watching a dodgy '90s boy band) followed by the girls.

While I'm recovering from that sensory assault, Andrew G begins the elimination. You know — this should really be at the end of the show, not the beginning. That'd certainly give the show a much-needed shot of suspense, anyway. So the bottom three is Kim, Sabrina and Nathan, and Nathan is immediately told he's safe. OMG. Could it be? Is Sabrina going home...?

YES! SHE'S OUT! For some reason, "Ding dong, the witch is dead" pops into my head as soon as Andrew reads out Sabrina's name. I'll kind of miss her obnoxious craziness — it's fun to have someone to hate.

Tonight's guest judge, by the way, is Aussie muso Ross Wilson. I'm too young to know who that is.

Nathan Brake, 'Living On A Prayer'
It's clear Nathan is trying to play down those gay rumours — he starts off by declaring he's had a girlfriend for three years. Yeah, because no gay guy ever had a girlfriend as teenager. He tries his best to be all macho during the performance, but it just comes off as his usual theatrical thing — there's no edge to it. Dicko disses the song choice, but Ross reckons Nathan "carved it up". I hope all Ross's judgements aren't going to be that boring.

Scott Newnham, 'Let’s Groove'
Scott still looks painfully uncomfortable up on stage, only he makes it worse by throwing in some wooden grandpa dance moves. The terrible musical arrangement isn't helping him — the music this season sounds like it's been pinched from a bad karaoke tape (bring back John Foreman!). Ross waffles on about "career moves", whatever that means, while Dicko hits the nail on the head by musing that Scott's eyes always betray him. So true — they reveal his discomfort.

Hayley Warner, 'Dancing In the Dark'
Perfect, perfect song choice for her, and she knocks it out of the park — she even gets on the drums at the end. (I can't drum at all, as I recently discovered while playing Beatles Rock Band, so I respect her skills.) Dicko says Hayley is "developing into a terrific brand", which is a terrible thing to say about a human being — as JD correctly points out. Ross adds that Hayley's voice is "like a laser beam".

Toby Moulton, 'I Want To Know What Love Is'
Just what Toby needs — another drippy ballad. No doubt his older female target demographic will love it, though (during his performance the camera even hovers over Marcia, wearing a huge cheesy smile). JD and Dicko credit Toby for singing to his audience, while Ross lets slip that Toby has been doing some behind-the-scenes songwriting. I can't wait to hear the drippy ballads he pens for himself!

Kim Cooper, 'You Keep Me Hangin On'
I like Kim, and I feel bad she was in the bottom two. At the same time, though, there's nothing about her that reaches out and hooks me — her performance tonight is great, and she's giving it her all, but will it be enough to save her next week? Ross offers some actual criticism, saying he saw the wheels turning in Kim's head during her performance, but it's Marcia's verdict that is the memorable one: The band is "the bed of rice, and you're the casserole," she tells Kim. "Do you understand what I'm saying?" I sure as hell don't.

Tim Johnston, 'Heaven'
Tim and Toby are almost doing battle in the "heartfelt ballad" genre. By now, I'm totally convinced that Tim's looks is what's keeping him in the competition — the performance is pretty flat, in several senses of the word. Ross, JD and Dicko all want Tim to get a little dirtier, a little grittier, a little more electric — which might be difficult for Tim, who confesses that the dirtiest thing he's done lately is go without a shower for a day. How scandalous.

Kate Cook, 'When The Going Gets Tough'
I hate to say it, but this is Kate's worst performance yet. It's a woeful song choice, the back-up singers are super-cheesy, and she just doesn't seem like she's into it at all. Marcia says something that makes perfect sense (for a change) when she opines that there was no emotional connection with the song, prompting Kate to confess that she more or less picked it off a list at random. Ross says that Kate has "a really attractive... voice", which is kind of a burn.

Stan Walker, 'Purple Rain'
Stan has a knack for choosing great songs for himself, and this choice is no exception. It suits his voice perfectly, and even though I'm not a huge fan of his I'm happy to admit it's one of the best performances of the night. When he's done, the idiotic members of the audience start braying for a touchdown (which, thankfully, none of the judges actually does. Touchdowns are lame). Praise for Stan includes phrases such as "sensational", "fantastic", "a knockout punch" and "the bomb". He did good.

James Johnston, 'Power Of Love'
I think James is my new favourite. Actually, I'm sure of it: he's cute, he's talented, and he's a great performer. James FTW! Tonight he sounds surprisingly confident and mature, given that he's only like 12 years old or something. Dicko says the performance reminded him of Michael J. Fox in his heyday and declares he's "sexy with trainer wheels" (hee!), while the other judges are equally effusive in their praise. James reminds us how young he is at the end by revealing he wasn't even born in the '80s, which is kinda weird.

My pick: I'm going to tip Kim to go, because so far everyone who's survived the bottom two has gone on to be eliminated the next week.

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New video: Paramore's 'Ignorance' Who says a band can't spend a year fighting a still pull off a rockin' new song?

If reports are to be believed, Paramore spent pretty much the whole time bitching at each other in the year leading up to the release of Twilight — that little-known vampire movie featuring the band's track 'Decode' as its theme tune.

But apparently achieving stratospheric levels of fame heals all wounds: frontwoman Hayley Williams told Spin magazine that the band channelled all their aggression towards each other into their songwriting, producing some killer material for their new album brand new eyes.

'Ignorance' is the first single from the album. Check it out in the full post.

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Picture gallery: Billy Ray Cyrus and other one-hit wonders

Some bands slave away for years making great albums and hit after hit. They build a long and steady career that involves regular paychecks, world tours and lasting acclaim.

Then there are acts that shoot to fame like comets across the proverbial night sky with one song — and then disappear almost as quickly as they emerged. They may have continued to dabble in the music field but their card has been marked for good with the phrase "one-hit wonder".

And so, in honour of all those great songs that have reverberated around the world but whose performers have quickly disappeared into the vast pasture of obscurity, today we celebrate that great brand of artist and song... the one-hit wonder.

What's your ultimate one-hit wonder? Tell us in the comments.

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STRICTLY BALLROOM THE MUSICAL Based on the much-loved Australian film
Coming to Her Majestys Theatre this Jan