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Lady GaGa banned from TV! , Lady GaGa's lusty antics are too much for some: the clip for her latest sex-fuelled release 'Love Game' has been banned from Video Hits.
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Lily and LiLo are Womanisers ,

When I first heard that Lily Allen and Lindsay Lohan were teaming up to record a duet, I didn't really believe it. But now I have to admit that maybe the rumours were true, after LiLo appeared onstage at Lily's latest concert.

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Taylor Swift: bringing country back? ,

Are you ready for a cowboy revolution? Thanks to country crossover star Taylor Swift’s mega rise to fame, it looks like the hot young thing is making yee-haw music cool again.

When was country music ever cool, you ask? The genre known mostly for its tacky lovelorn ballads and questionable fashion taste has had its moments in the spotlight. Think Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Dukes era and the brief career of LeAnn Rimes, who at just thirteen set the world on fire with the genre-smashing hit 'Blue'.

Taylor, who counts Shania Twain and Patsy Cline among her heroes, has stormed up country music charts with a string of hit singles, and burst onto the pop playing field faster than you could say “pass me my cowboy boots!”.

Not bad for a girl who was more of a nerd than a mean girl in high school, spending her days writing poetry and performing karaoke songs at the local mall.

Check out more country crossover mega stars in our gallery below.

Does Taylor Swift make you wanna hoe-down? Let us know in the comments section.

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Miley Cyrus gets back together with her ex Nick Jonas , Miley Cyrus and her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas are hooking up... for a special upcoming song.
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Wolfmother freebie! ,

Yes, those Aussie rockers Wolfmother have cracked onto the idea that everyone loves a freebie and are offering one of the tracks from their forthcoming second album, free.

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Cool video alert! , Sia: 'Soon We'll be Found'

Taking the old adage "actions speak louder than words" to a whole new level, Aussie songstress Sia's new video uses mesmerising sign language and shadow puppets to accompany the gorgeous track 'Soon We'll be Found'.

Read the full post to watch the video.

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Beyonce: robot tiger from the future...? , So Beyonce has been touring in North America, and she recently appeared on stage in the costume you can see above. The outfit is kind of fantastic, in a trashtacular sort of way... but that said: what the hell is it meant to be? Our guesses after the jump.
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WTF: the Hoff's daughters plan musical career , David Hasselhoff is plotting a return to the charts... sort of.
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Katy Perry is annoying , Katy Perry reveals a new side of herself in an interview with Paper magazine... the annoying side.
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Snow Patrol strip! , Well, not all of Snow Patrol got shirtless, but lead singer Gary Lightbody gave the crowd an eyeful at the band's V Festival gig in Sydney on March 28, 2009. It seems Gazza was inspired by some of the buff Aussie bods in the crowd.

His own body was not such a sight to behold! Read the full post to find out what happened.

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