Is Beyoncé faking her booty in new music video? Twitter says yes.
TOPICS: Beyonce
After releasing a fresh-to-death new video over the weekend, the internet has responded and the verdict is in: "Beyoncé totally wore a butt pad. Just sayin'".
Not-so-flawless: Watch Beyonce totally upstage Nicki Minaj!
New video has just been released of Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj performing their killer remix of Flawless… but it's got us wondering, WTF was going on with Nicki?
Too cute! Jay Z and Blue Ivy do push-ups together in <i>On The Run</i> concert footage
We all know that pop stars like to stay fit on tour, but this is one fitness technique we haven't seen before.
WATCH: Beyonce and Jay Z profess love for one another at final show
TOPICS: Beyonce Jay Z
Beyonce and Jay Z think they've got us fooled.
The ultimate diva clash! You
Wardrobe malfunctions, elevator fights and high-pitched whistle wars: This is the diva revenge video that dreams are made of.
What split?! Beyonce and Jay Z look crazy in love at Made in America Music Festival
TOPICS: Beyonce Jay Z
Beyonce and Jay Z put splits-ville rumours at bay yet again by getting all cosy at the 2014 Budweiser Made in America Music Festival in LA.
Best news ever! Beyonce and Jay Z bringing
TOPICS: Beyonce Jay Z
This is by far the best thing you'll read all day.
Watch: Blue Ivy takes to the stage at the VMAs... as Beyonce and Jay Z shut down divorce rumours with PDA
TOPICS: Beyonce Jay Z
Beyonce closed the 2014 MTV Music Video Awards with the most touching moment of the night: the on-stage TV debut of her two-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.
Jay Z
TOPICS: Beyonce
Boy we'd love to see the look on Beyonce's face watching this video...
Watch: Beyonce breaks down in tears on stage... over marriage troubles?
TOPICS: Beyonce Jay Z
Beyonce could barely hold it together on stage at her latest On The Run concert on Sunday night in LA, further fuelling the rumours her marriage to Jay Z is on the rocks.
Did Jay Z cheat? Beyonce changes cheating song lyrics onstage
TOPICS: Beyonce Jay Z
Rumours have rumbled about marriage problems for Beyonce and Jay Z since that elevator attack…and now Bey's further stoked up the whispers.
Crazy in love! Rehearsal video of Beyonce and Jay Z released
TOPICS: Beyonce Jay Z
Hey, Mr and Mrs Carter... we see your sneaky off-stage PDAs!
WATCH: Finally! Beyonce and Jay Z reveal super-secret wedding video at
TOPICS: Beyonce Jay Z
It seems like everyone's talking about Bey and Jay Z's first fierce 'On The Run' show… more so after the loved-up couple revealed super-secret wedding video from their nuptials SIX YEARS AGO.
Feud alert! Kanye West disses Jay Z at UK festival… while Kim flashes her bits
Uh-oh! Looks like Kanye West is still pretty annoyed at Jay Z for skipping his wedding to wife Kim… with the rapper totally removing Jay's name from his 'Cold' song lyrics at Bonnaroo Festival. Subtle move, Kanye.
WATCH: Botox and bad diet pills! Beauty queen Beyonce struggles with body image in music video
TOPICS: Beyonce
Beyoncé's beauty-pageant themed music video for 'Pretty Hurts' really packs a punch… showcasing the dramatic life of a beauty queen struggling with severely bad body image.
Best news ever? Beyonce and Jay Z planning rumoured summer stadium tour… together!
TOPICS: Beyonce Jay Z
Queen Bey and Jay Z are rumoured to be touring together in summer… and the internet is exploding at the mere thought of a 'Mr and Mrs Carter tour' (as is TheFIX HQ).
WATCH: Coachella stage-crasher! Beyonce joins sister Solange for surprise performance
TOPICS: Beyonce Jay Z
The ultimate Coachella cameo! Festival-goers got two Knowles for the price of one over the weekend… with Queen Bey stage-crashing sister Solange's performance of 'Losing You' at the famous festival.
Pole-dancing and lounge-grinding! Beyonce recreates saucy
TOPICS: Beyonce
Beyonce just slayed us all over again with her latest performance of new single 'Partition' at her Mrs Carter Show world tour in Manchester.
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