Jaden Smith
WATCH: Jaden Smith cosies up to Kylie Jenner and raps about
Looks like Jaden Smith fell in love at Coachella… with a chick who has a "blow dealer".
LISTEN: Justin Bieber records song with Jaden Smith!
After collaborating with Mariah Carey for his Christmas album, Justin Bieber just couldn't say no to celebrating the New Year with Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith!

Sneak peek at Willow Smith
Willow Smith is still cool and we've got the video to prove it.
Video exclusive: behind the scenes with Willow Smith
Willow Smith has given her fans a rare glimpse behind the scenes at her hectic work life, from the set of her music video 'Whip My Hair'.
The Karate Kid & Justin Bieber set a playdate at Madison Square Garden
Calling all Bieber fans (and we know there are many) hop on over to New York next week and you will be treated to Justin Bieber performing with his pal Jaden Smith.
Coolest kids of rap
TOPICS: Jaden Smith
In the biggest disappointment of the day, Jaden Smith the new Karate Kid won't be forming a kiddie rap supergroup with Snoop Dogg's teenage sons.
Gallery: The next Justin Bieber
Sooner or later, Justin Bieber's star is going to fade. Before you start throwing things at the screen, just think about it: the long-term success rate of child stars is slim.
Justin Bieber: the karate kid
This is one of the most ridiculous photos we've seen all year. Justin Bieber showed off his karate moves on stage at the Sun National Bank Centre in the US state of New Jersey, knocking a back-up dancer to the ground.
Watch now: Justin Bieber
The wait is over — Justin Bieber's new music video is finally here!
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