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Chris Brown has often "struck" us as a physical performer … and it seems his fellow musicians are sick of it. Chris was criticised by singers Pink and Joe Jonas for lipsyncing at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards.

Britney Spears gives Joe Jonas a lap dance
Britney Spears throws her legs around any ol' dude these days, doesn't she?
Hipster attack! Joe Jonas pelted in the face with basketballs
The Jonas Brothers are sooo passe in hipster-land. How dare Joe Jonas try to perform at a party for super-cool magazine Paper! JoBros are a total no-go.
Gallery: Stars with Bieber hair
Justin Bieber would like you to believe he started the trend for bad bangs — but his moppish hair is soooo yesterday!
Joe Jonas signs on to <I>American Idol</I>
Joe Jonas is a man of many talents. Fronting one of the world's most talked-about pop bands. Holding a place in the hearts of thousands of squealing fans. Judging music wannabes on American Idol.

Yep, Joe is reportedly in talks to join the biggest reality TV show in the universe as a guest-judge.

Joe Jonas does
For reasons we can't quite explain or understand, a whole bunch of Jonas Brothers fanatics have apparently been clamouring for middle brother Joe Jonas to don a tight black leotard and high heels and do an impression of Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'.

And now, also for reasons we can't quite explain or understand, Joe has obliged. Read the full post to watch the awesomely craptacular/embarrassing video.

Lady GaGa wants a Jonas Brothers foursome
Watch out, Jonas Brothers: Lady GaGa wants to take a ride on your disco sticks.

The pop tart, who's just wrapped up a tour of Australia with the Pussycat Dolls, reportedly confessed that she wants to have group sex with Kevin, Joe and Nick.

"I love the Jonas Brothers, they're very talented," GaGa said, according to Sun Media. "I met them once... I'd like to have a foursome with them."

GaGa is slated to perform at Canada's MuchMusic Video Awards later in June... which will be hosted by the Jonas Brothers. Uh oh.

The Jonas Brothers act
It was a big weekend for the Jonas Brothers and their legions of fans: the clip for their latest single 'Paranoid' hit the internet!

This is probably the strangest video the Jo Bros have ever pulled off. For starters, it opens with a scene where Nick morphs into a beautiful girl and makes sexy eyes at his (or should that be her?) brother Kevin. Um, okay. No idea what that's about.

Read the full post to watch the clip yourself.

Gratuitousness alert: Joe Jonas soaking wet
Aren't the Jonas Brothers meant to be all pure and righteous and stuff? Apparently not: Joe Jonas has gone and poured cold water all over his squeaky-clean image by... er, pouring cold water all over himself.
Scandal: Joe Jonas busted pulling Miley eyes
TOPICS: Joe Jonas
Jeez, what is it with Disney stars and the vaguely racist photos?

So remember when that photo surfaced of Miley Cyrus pulling squinty "Asian eyes"? Well, now Joe Jonas has been busted for the exact same thing.

A new photo apparently depicts the middle Jonas brother imitating Asian people... that, or he's just rubbing his tired eyes in an unintentionally racist way.

Miley was forced to apologise for her photo, then sued for a ridiculous US$4 billion on the behalf of offended Asian people. Joe must be praying that won't happen to him too!

Do you think Joe's photo is racist? Have your say in the comments!

Check out more Disney stars gone bad in our gallery.

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