Lady Gaga
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They said 2011 was Adele's year. But what about Lady Gaga and her Born This Way reign of ridiculousness? Rihanna had a record-breaking year too. Not to mention the fact Beyonce released a killer record and became music's most anticipated mum-to-be this year.
Donald Trump reckons he discovered Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga's meteoric rise to fame may have been thanks to her epic pop hits and insane sense of style - but according to Donald Trump, he was the man who made it all happen.
Lady Gaga is the richest, most overrated, and best dressed artist of 2011
Little Monsters may beg to differ, but Billboard readers have voted Lady Gaga was the most overrated artist of the year.
Year in Review: Music happenings in 2011
Looking back at the year that was, 2011 was a rollercoaster ride for pop fans.
Naked and crazy: Lady Gaga video inspired by label dumping her
Lady Gaga's epic 14-minute video for 'Marry The Night' sees the singer looking dozy in a mental hospital, writhing next to flaming cars and nude covered in breakfast cereal... all while looking fabulous of course.
Gaga adds new verse to
Her old-school take on 'White Christmas' sees her add an extra verse, because she "decided that this song is just too short."
Hospital chic: Gaga
TOPICS: Lady Gaga Video
Lady Gaga is famous for her OTT music videos - and now she's directed one herself.
"No problem": Lady Gaga denies feud with Madonna
What feud? Lady Gaga reckons she and Madonna are totally sweet - despite the fact Madonna slammed her in a recent interview.
Move over Gaga: Nicki Minaj has a male alter-ego as well
Lady Gaga had so much fun dressing up as her male alter-ego Jo Calderone that she put him in one of her music videos and sent him to an awards show in her place. It's given Nicki Minaj ideas.
The edge of gory: Gaga struggles with headless performance
Finally, an outfit that got the best of Lady Gaga!!
Watch: Elderly Chinese choir covers Lady Gaga
You know a song is popular when even your nana can sing along.
The naked star of this year
This year's MTV Europe Awards featured the usual array of stars and poptastic performances - but it was a streaker that stole the show.
Eeek! Top 5 Spooky Music Videos
The freakiest time of year is upon us - time to don your vampire fangs and get into the Halloween spirit with our monstrous music video countdown!
The Gaga effect: When pop stars suddenly started dressing crazy
While she's constantly accused of ripping the steez of everyone from Madonna to Grace Jones to David Bowie - the perenially high-heeled star has changed the face of pop fashion forever.
Lady Gaga to duet with Kiss?
TOPICS: Lady Gaga Kiss
They're both known for their crazy outfits, garish make-up and onstage theatrics - is it any wonder Lady Gaga and Kiss are probably gonna collaborate?
Lady Gaga pays tribute to dead bullying victim
Lady Gaga dedicated a heartfelt version of her song 'Hair' to the late Jamey Rodemeyer during a show in Vegas on the weekend.
Weird Al Yankovic makes Bieber a
The piss-take master has released an animated video to accompany 'Polka Face' - his latest polka-flavoured mash-up of pop smashes.
Lady Gaga has gills now
Lady Gaga has released yet another video clip for her single ‘You and I,’ and this time she’s playing an unhealthy, mythical sea creature.
Listen: Lady Gaga does jazz!
We've never heard Lady Gaga sounding quite like this!
Lady Gaga is dating the hot guy from her
Lady Gaga always said she was married to her music, so it kinda stands to reason that she's banging the hot guy from her music video.
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