Lady Gaga
Madonna couldn
Madonna has "no comment" to make on her number one fan, Lady Gaga, because she "doesn't know whether her behaviour is rooted in something deep and meaningful, or superficial". Miaow!
Tweens freak as Justin Bieber
As the new host of Punk'd, Justin Bieber is all too familiar with orchestrating practical jokes on his famous friends, but he was probably less than comfortable after becoming the butt of one.
2011 MTV VMAs: Katy and Gaga beat out Adele for main awards
Despite wowing audiences with a flawless rendition of her now-famous tear-jerker 'Someone Like You' - Adele left the 2011 MTV VMAs empty-handed after the poptastic likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga scooped the big gongs.
2011 MTV VMAs: Lady Gaga freaks out Britney and Bieber with her
Lady Gaga skipped the red carpet to perform the opening number at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards - but even her own fans are saying the performance was 'uncomfortable'.
The 2011 MTV VMAs - all the red carpet action!
It's the awards ceremony that brought you the Gaga meat dress, the Kanye/Taylor Swift award snatch and the Madonna/Britney pash. Yep - it's time for this year's MTV Video Music Awards!
Lady Gaga explains the mermaid sex thing
You know that bit in Lady Gaga's 'You And I' video where Mermaid Gaga does it with the human guy? Well, erm... how does that work?
Lady Gaga makes out with herself in new mermaid-themed video
Lady Gaga had flirted with the idea of mermaids for her 'Edge Of Glory' video - now it looks like her half-fishy dreams have come true!
Superstar duet alert: Britney and Lady Gaga!
It's gonna be an explosion of flesh, leather and fishnets when Lady Gaga teams up with Britney Spears!
Holy makeunder: Lady Gaga almost looks normal
You'd be forgiven for thinking the above pic is not actually of Lady Gaga, the world's most crazily-dressed pop star.
What a drag: Cross-dressing pop stars
From Gaga to Grohl, Mariah to Miley - there's a whole swag of famous music peeps who don't mind a spot of gender-bending!
Gaga’s bored of being a lady
Lady Gaga’s at it again, appearing as a male on the cover of her new single.
Nearly nude! Pop stars who hate clothes
The likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera just don't feel right performing in boring ol' clothes!
"Born this weight": Gaga fans bully Adele after VMA sweep
Some of Lady Gaga's Little Monsters are acting like Little B*****ds on Twitter after their idol didn't score as many VMA nominations as they would have liked.
Censored: Kid
All-singing, all-dancing, all-smiling posse Kidz Bop have released their tweentastic take on Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way', and it's every bit as exuberant as the original... with several glaring omissions.
Bette Midler slams Lady Gaga for copying her
Here's something to silence all those Gaga fans hating on Katy Perry for "copying" her mermaid costume!
GAGA LIVE in Sydney: TheFIX
Lady Gaga hit Sydney's Town Hall (temporarily renamed 'Monster Hall') performing for a crowd of 1000 fans last night, and TheFIX's Kylie Speer was lucky enough to score a golden ticket…
Is Katy Perry copying Gaga
Lady Gaga fans are shooting boob cannons of fury at Katy Perry after she tweeted a pic of herself 'planking' dressed as a mermaid. You see, Gaga's next video is going to be mermaid-themed.
Aussie fans go to extreme lengths to win Gaga tickets
Michael Braidotti and his meat-clad lady friend are two of the lucky few to win tickets to Lady Gaga's one-off concert in Sydney on July 13.
Watch: The Jonas Brothers cover Lady Gaga
The Jonas Brothers performed a cover of Lady Gaga's 'The Edge of Glory' at a recent concert, and guess what – Gaga approves!
Lady Gaga does panda eyes in Japan
TOPICS: Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga wore an outfit by an upcoming local designer for an appearance on Japanese TV recently - ittle did the hosts know she even themed her make-up for the occasion!
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