Lady Gaga
Better than Gaga? Katy Perry sings
In a smart PR move, Katy Perry covered Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' during a recent show in Paris.
Kylie Minogue set the "benchmark" for Gaga
Kylie Minogue has come out swinging suggesting she set the "benchmark" for Lady Gaga.
How to get yourself invited on-stage with Lady Gaga
It's a tough call deciding who treats their fans better, Justin Bieber and his army of Beliebers or Lady Gaga and her lil' monsters.
Gaga lies again...this time about Madonna
It's Gaga's Groundhog Day with the singer being caught out in another big, fat lie.
Cracks show in Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has been caught out in a big, fat lie.
Madonna loves Born This Way, says Lady Gaga
Finally Lady Gaga has stopped crediting Whitney Houston long enough to talk about the Madonna 'Express Yourself' comparisons.
All the gossip, glamour and Gaga from 2011 Grammy Awards
Lady Gaga has upstaged every other artist on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards, arriving in an alien-like pod carried by scantily clad slaves.
Born This Way verdict: Lady Gaga ripped off Madonna
You aren't alone if you thought your ears were playing tricks and you were listening to Madonna instead of Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way'.
What you should call Lady Gaga in bed
Hot tip for any fella who finds himself sharing sexy times with Lady Gaga; drop the nickname and call her Stefani instead.
Lady Gaga now with horns!
TOPICS: Lady Gaga
We know all the words and now what it looks like, all that is left is to actually hear Lady Gaga's new tune 'Born This Way'.
Elton John really, really, really likes Lady Gaga
Another day, another sermon from Elton John preaching the benefits of Lady Gaga.
Grammy rumour round-up: Gaga and Muse? Huh? Dre and Eminem!
Another day, another 23,000 Grammy Award ceremony rumours, starring Muse, Gaga, Mick Jagger, Eminem and Dr. Dre.
Lady Gaga reveals gay anthem lyrics
TOPICS: Lady Gaga Lyrics
Gaga certainly wasn't exaggerating when she promised her new album would be filled with gay anthems.
Listen up: Lady Gaga debuts new remix
Lady Gaga is using super-stylish zombies to help hype the release of her upcoming single.
Gaga recruits transsexuals for new video clip
Admittedly it's pretty difficult to top wearing a telephone as a hat, but Gaga seems to have found a way by reportedly casting transsexuals for her new video clip.
The albums you won
It was difficult to hear rock music in 2010 what with it buried beneath Katy Perry's fireworks, tween girls squealing for Bieber and Eminem's comeback rhymes, but 2011 is ready to get LOUD judging by the number of big-name rock bands releasing albums this year.
Enough with 2010! It's time to start getting excited about some of music's biggest stars returning to the charts in 2011. We take a look at what to expect and when.
Lady Gaga leaked track is fake
To all Lady Gaga fans who've spent the past weekend learning the words to the leaked track 'Animal' off her upcoming album Born This Way, STOP, it's fake.
Gaga set to earn $100 million in 2011
TOPICS: Lady Gaga
2011 is shaping up to be a happy new year indeed for Lady Gaga. Extensive touring, new album sales and big-buck endorsements are predicted to net the pop goddess a total of $100million in 2011, according to Forbes magazine's estimates. That's a lot of meat dresses and hair bows...
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