Legal Battle
We've seen stills, but it seems no one will ever see the Tupac Shakur sex tape in full.
Perry vs. Australian Perry

Australian fashion designer Katie Perry started her high-end clothing line two years ago – before Katy Perry broke big with “I Kissed a Girl” off her debut album One of the Boys – but she didn’t trademark the name of her label then, which may prove to be a problem.

Pink Floyd sue EMI over royalties

Pink Floyd are suing EMI and its private equity firm owners Terra Firma, claiming that the label has miscalculated their royalty payments.

Coldplay vs. Satriani (the battle continues)

As the Battle of “Viva la Vida” hits the legal system, Coldplay have once again denied copycatting the riff from Joe Satriani’s “If I Could Fly” for the title track off the band’s latest album. In papers filed yesterday in a Los Angeles federal court, according to Billboard, Coldplay’s lawyers argued that the similarities between “Viva la Vida” and “If I Could Fly” weren’t enough to warrant a lawsuit. The band’s legal team also stated that Satriani’s instrumental “lacked originality,” and thus shouldn’t be covered by copyright law, therefore preventing “Viva La Vida” from violating any copyrights.

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