Sickly sweet or smokin
What is it with celeb couples getting hot and heavy in music videos this year? TheFIX has split the next seven clips into roughly two categories: The Sickly Sweet and The Smokin' Hot. Here goes nuthin'!
Aussie exclusive: Pink
For all the Pink fans still having withdrawals after her epic three-month Truth About Love tour of Australia, we've got a treat for you.
Watch: Pink proposes to a woman ... on behalf of another woman at her Sydney show!
Next time you're planning a marriage proposal, why not get Pink to do it for you?
Nude jokes, baby matchmaking and stunning stunts: Pink
Who needs gravity? Certainly not Pink, whose 46-date Australian Truth About Love Tour landed in Sydney at the Sydney Entertainment Centre last night. Here's our review.
Pink may well be our new favourite person after this latest clip from her Philadelphia concert. The punked-out pop-rocker stopped her set mid-song to break up a fight between two ladies, scolding them for acting like jerks around a child who was with them. You go, Pink!
Watch: Pink pashes buff husband in new clip
TOPICS: Pink Carey Hart
Pink is all about sharing intimate moments with her fans through her music, but how often do we get to share a bedroom with her and hubby Carey Hart?
First look: Pink
Has Pink done the impossible and outdone even her own catalogue of amazing music clips? MusicFIX has your first look at the clip for 'Try' ...
2012 MTV VMAs:
One of these girls is going to be rushing to the MTV theatre toilets shortly to redo her hair …And it's not going to be Pink.
2012 MTV VMAs: Red carpet hotness!
Rihanna's chopped her hair off, Miley looks like Pink, and One Direction have reached a whole new level of dreamboat-ness. The 2012 MTV VMAs have arrived — and we've got all the pics right here!
Chris Brown has often "struck" us as a physical performer … and it seems his fellow musicians are sick of it. Chris was criticised by singers Pink and Joe Jonas for lipsyncing at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards.

Pepsi to use Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson will rise from the dead to feature in a new advertising campaign for Pepsi.
X Factor double take: Does Reece
Reece Mastin was a clear X Factor winner from the start - but we were pretty disappointed to hear his epic rock vocals restrained to a shouty party track as he performed his winner's single last night.
Gaga, Rihanna and Pink among artists on 38-track Japan charity album
The world's biggest artists have united for the 38-track Songs for Japan charity album.
Exclusive first look: Pink
Pink's always been fond of stirring the pot with her music and she's expecting her latest clip for 'F***in' Perfect' to "ruffle some feathers."
Faceoff: Battle of the Blondes
Christina. Taylor. Gaga. They're all blondes, and they're all powerful forces in the music industry.
Pink interview: pregnant but still hard at work
TOPICS: Pink P!nk
She's just announced her pregnancy, but don't expect Pink to shy away from the spotlight anytime soon.
Pink sleeps with rabbi in new video
TOPICS: Pink P!nk
Never one to shy away from controversy, Pink is shown in bed with a rabbi in her new music video 'Raise Your Glass'.
Lady Gaga sets record with 13 MTV nominations
Lady Gaga has set another record after scoring 13 nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards — the most ever for any artist in a single year.
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