Pink has been rushed to hospital after a concert stunt went horribly wrong in Germany.
Gallery: Best pop collaborations
The only thing better than one of your favourite artists singing a catchy pop song... is two of your favourites teaming up for a hit duet!
"I only wanted to say
Aww Amy Winehouse got the royal send-off after being snubbed by Prince Harry at a music festival last weekend.
Eminem gets all defensive about singing with Pink and Rihanna
Eminem has defended his latest attempt to stay relevant to the kids by pairing up with Pink and Rihanna on his latest album.
Pink: radio superstar
Does it seem like a Pink song is playing every time you switch on the radio? You're not imagining things — she was Australian radio's most played artist in 2009.

The Phonographic Performance Company of Australia says it's the third year in a row that the pop-rocker topped the list.

Other artists that Aussie radio stations ran into the ground played a lot included Kings of Leon and Lady Gaga, while the song which was played so often that it's now been permanently ruined played most often was Jason Mraz's hit 'I'm Yours'.

Find out the top 10 artists and songs in the full post.

MusicFIX Pink video bonanza!

Pink ribbons are everywhere right now to coincide with Pink Ribbon Day. So it seems kind of a good time for MusicFIX to offer up not one but two hot Pink videos.

Read the full post to check out Pink's latest ballad, and to see an exclusive performance from her recent Australian concerts!

New video: Pink goes crazy in the
Warning: Pink's new video 'Funhouse' is heavy on the evil clowns. Creepy!


Pop punk Pink has revealed how she had a brush with death while performing a daring stunt on stage in Brisbane last month.

Pink reportedly reveals she
TOPICS: Pink Gay

Prepare yourself for a shocking revelation. You may need to sit down for this. Pop princess Pink has confessed that she's (are you ready for it?)... BISEXUAL.

... yeah, we're not at all surprised by this announcement either.

Pink teams up with Ricky Gervais
Pop rocker Pink has teamed up with comedian Ricky Gervais — no, it's not for a new song (though that would probably be pretty awesome), but to defend the rights of innocent, cuddly critters.

Okay, maybe "cuddly" is the wrong word. In a new ad for PETA, the stars lend their voices to an alligator and a rabbit that have had their skins gruesomely ripped off in the name of fashion.

Check out the ad yourself:

Cute or gross? Have your say in the comments, or see more peculiar pairings in our gallery of celebrity duets.

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First pics: Pink in the Funhouse
Pink kicked off her Funhouse world tour in France this week, and it looks like it's living up to its name.

The first pics from the concert reveal a cavalcade of glittery outfits and fabulous make-up and outrageous pirate hats (who doesn't love outrageous pirate hats?), so you know it's going to be awesome when Pink brings the Funhouse to Australia in May and June.

Also on show in the concert: Pink's trademark abs of steel. You didn't really think she'd keep them hidden, did you? Check 'em out, along with more concert photos, in MusicFIX's Funhouse gallery:

If you're still hungry for more Pink bits, click here to listen to tracks from Funhouse and her other albums.

Pink donates to Victoria’s Red Cross Bushfire Appeal
Pink, who will play 40 shows in Australia (and counting) as part of her Funhouse tour, has joined the list of celebrities who have helped the victims of the devastating bushfires.
P!nk to donate $250,000 to bushfire appeal

We didn't really need another reason to adore P!nk, but she certainly has our undying respect! The smashingly successful pop star has just announced her intention to donate $250,000 to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

"My heart goes out to all those who have suffered so much in these circumstances," P!nk said in a statement released today.

"There’s little anyone can do at such a long distance away but I wanted to make a tangible expression of support."

"I will be donating $250,000 to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal, and hope that this, amongst all the other outpouring of charitable support, will help the rebuilding of lives and communities in the areas affected."

P!nk, whose fifth album Funhouse debuted at number one on the Australian music charts last year, is also an outspoken supporter of animal rights.

"I'm looking forward to returning to a country I love so much," she added.

We're very sure, P!nk, you'll be welcome anytime.

P!nk's label, Sony Music, have also announced their efforts to help raise funds for victims of the devastating Victorian bushfires with a special compilation CD,Bushfire Aid on sale now. Featuring artists such as Delta Goodrem, Midnight Oil, Jessica Mauboy and Wes Carr, all royalties and profits will go directly to the bushfire appeal. Click here for more information.

If you'd like to join P!nk and donate to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal, Visit the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal homepage and find out how you can help.

Love P!nk? Head to our P!nk artist feature for more.

P!nk’s guide to keeping your boyfriend

P!nk has never been one to shy away from getting autobiographical with her music and her video clips. So what are we to make of this new clip for “Please don’t leave me”?

End of the year charts

According to the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), Kings of Leon’s Only by Night was the number one album of 2008.

Miley Cyrus most popular music celeb of 2008

The results are in!

Your Live Search most popular music star results for the year have just landed, with 16-year-old Miley Cyrus topping the list.

Numerous scandals, including a string of questionable raunchy photo leaks helped the pipsqueak singer soar up the search list to claim the number one spot.

The young star even beat out paparazzi-bait Britney Spears, who came in second.

No surprises that Kylie, Pink and Rihanna all made the top 10, while Sophie Monk can probably thank her nude pics for sneaking into 4th place – after all, it's been a long time since the former Bardot babe has actually sung anything.

Without further ado, your fave celeb searches this year (based on official Live Search data for 2008) are:

    1. Miley Cyrus
    2. Britney Spears
    3. Madonna
    4. Sophie Monk
    5. Kylie Minogue
    6. Pink
    7. Chris Brown
    8. Christina Aguilera
    9. Michael Jackson
    10. Rihanna

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2008: The year in music

Well, we're almost at the end of another year.

Has it been a good one for you? Whether you're sobbing into your cereal about the demise of 2008, or secretly counting down the minutes til we hit 2009, take a second to flick back through the year gone by, MusicFIX style.

Check out our hot gallery of who hit the big time, who we loved and who fell from grace – and have there ever been some shockers.

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