Sean Kingston
Miley, Boyz II Men & Usher gatecrash Bieber
"Welcome to my world. We are gonna have a lot of fun tonight. I got a lot of surprises in store for you guys!," Justin Bieber promised his tween army fans at the start of his recent New York gig…and the kid wasn't lying.
The Karate Kid & Justin Bieber set a playdate at Madison Square Garden
Calling all Bieber fans (and we know there are many) hop on over to New York next week and you will be treated to Justin Bieber performing with his pal Jaden Smith.
Shakira to star in reality TV show
Fans are about to get a whole lot closer to hip-shaker extraordinaire Shakira with the singer taking part in an upcoming British reality show.
New clip: Justin Bieber vs Sean Kingston
We all know Justin Bieber loves the ladies – but in his new music video with Sean Kingston, he comes up against some serious competition.

'Eenie Meenie' takes the Bieb to a rooftop pool party, surrounded by gorgeous girls. Naturally, they're all over him.

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