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Ummm: Lil Wayne gets

Rapper Lil Wayne has more ink than a pen factory, so what's one more between friends? This time, it's a little more baffling than his usual skin-doodles.

Tatts! Cigs! Frances Bean Cobain is all grown up
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's little girl is old enough to smoke and get tatts! Yep, Frances Bean is 18 years old and every inch the rockstar daughter in this (literally) smokin' new photo shoot by famed photographer Hedi Slimane.
Kid defends world
19-year-old Bryan Ellis is the reason why older generations despair about the idiocy of youth after getting a tattoo defending Rebecca Black.
Tattoo causes Justin Bieber to throw a tanty
Justin Bieber appears to be suffering from tattoo regret after he chucked a tanty when asked about his new ink during an interview at a British music festival on the weekend.
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